Torque Value Calculator

Torque Values for Class 150 & 300

B16.5 & B16.47 Series A Raised Face Flanges

What is the nominal pipe size?

Class Min. Torque per Bolt (ft.lbs.) Gasket Stress @ Min. Torque (psi) Torque @ 60ksi/Bolt (ft.lbs.) ** Gasket Stress 60ksi/Bolt (psi) ** Max. Torque @ 75% Bolt Yield (ft.lbs.) ** Gasket Stress @ Max. Torque (psi) **
150 560 4,800 1,000 8,522 1,310 11,185
300 680 6,600 1,550 15,000 1,550 15,000
  1. The values shown above are based on raised face metallic flanges and ASTM A193 Grade B7 fasteners lubricated with a never seize type lubricant, k = 0.16 to 0.18. For lined or non‐metallic raised face flanges consult the flange manufacturer to confirm the suitability of the values shown.
  2. Maximum torque per bolt is based upon a gasket stress of either 15,000 psi or the available gasket stress at 75% of bolt yield, whichever is lower.
  3. The above torque values are for general use only and Gasket Resources Inc. does not accept responsibility for the misuse of this information. For critical or extreme applications (including high temperature and/or pressure), please contact GRI technical services.

** If the maximum torque per bolt exceeds 15,000 psi gasket stress, the torque at 15,000 psi gasket stress is shown.

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