Durlon® 9000

Series of filled PTFE are manufactured in a contaminate free, computer controlled environment, following strict quality control procedures, the perfect choice where contamination is a major concern.

The Food and Beverage and Pharmaceutical industries require contaminate free and traceable adherence to FDA/USP requirements.  The Durlon® 9000 family of products offer exceptional value compared to other conventional PTFE, filled PTFE and expanded PTFE products on the market today. 

The Durlon® 9000 Series Advantage for Food and Beverage and Pharmaceuticals

The industry leading properties of the Durlon® 9000 family of gasketing materials are a result of the most sophisticated, contaminate free manufacturing process in the industry. Our high tech process is computer controlled, following strict quality control procedures. 

Our unique manufacturing method is 100% replicable which is essential for risk management in these exacting industries. As a result of our cutting edge manufacturing process, Durlon® 9000 series filled PTFE products are very chemically resistant, micro-void free which makes contaminate adhesion very difficult while standing up to high temperatures, aggressive chemicals and the most vigorous cleaning methods used today. The Durlon® 9000 family of products are the perfect choice for the Food and Beverage and Pharmaceutical industries where selecting a gasket that will provide a safe, long service life in a variety of critical applications is essential.


Hygienic pipework and flanges, blenders and mixers, fluid bed dryers, valves and pumps, fillers, fryers and vessels.

All Durlon® 9000 series products are color coded assuring differentiation allowing for the selection of the correct gasket for specific applications as part of GRI’s focus on process safety management.