Durtec with DurCore®

Premium Corrugated Metal Core

SS316L/Graphite Passed Modified API 607 Fire Test

Durtec with DurCore® technology is a fire safe gasket designed to withstand high temperatures and pressures, resist blowouts, and resist toxic and/or corrosive chemicals. The gasket has a lower leakage rate compared to the spiral wound type gasket installed with the same loading stress.Durtec-above.jpg

The Durtec with DurCore® gasket provides excellent sealing performance and safety after installation. Overall, the gasket is an excellent choice to replace a spiral wound gasket. The Durtec® design allows for complete replacement of a spiral wound or Kamm Profile gasket with improved performance and lower lifecycle costs.


  • Well Designed: Superior core technology
  • Fire Safe: Graphite passed the modified API 607 fire test (SS316L)
  • Blowout Resistant: Metal core provides resistance to internal pressure spikes
  • Reusable: The core may be refaced with new material and reused, providing lower cost of ownership
  • Ease of Use: Easy to install and safe to handle
  • Tight Seal: Leak-proof seal with lower bolt loads compared to spiral wounds and Kamm Profile gaskets

Typical Properties

   Max, for standard FG
   Max, for inhibited FG
   Max, in steam

-328°F (-200°C)
850°F (454°C)
1,050°F (566°C)
1,200°F (649°C)
Pressure, Max, bar (psi) 320 (4,600)
pH Range, Room Temp 0-14
Gasket factors
   Gb, psi
   Gs, psi
   Y, psi