Durlon 9600 with DurCore® Technology

Premium Corrugated Metal Core


The design of the Durlon DurCore® focuses on a proprietary corrugated metal profile core.

Gaskets made with Durlon DurCore® technology seal applications with cyclical pressure, temperature pressure, and high vibration, while simultaneously reducing the concern of blowouts.

GRI_-_DurCore.jpgThe core is produced by proprietary technology that provides the finished gasket with the best possible mechanical support function. These gaskets are made with a specially engineered corrugated metal core that is bonded on both sides with soft covering layers, such as Durlon® 9600 expanded PTFE or oxygen-inhibited flexible graphite.


  • Superior Core Technology
  • Blowout Resistant
  • Reusable Core
  • Easy to Install
  • Tight Seal

Common Applications

Durlon 9600 with DurCore® technology is designed to withstand the demanding high vibration, elevated temperatures, and aggressive chemicals in the pulp and paper industry. Common applications for the Durlon® 9600 with DurCore® can be found in the lime kiln and in the pulp mill areas. The Durlon® 9600 can also replace PTFE-filled spiral wound gaskets in any application where required.


Durlon gaskets made with DurCore® technology are virtually uncrushable, unlike conventional corrugated metal core gaskets. Precision construction guarantees that gaskets made with DurCore® Technology will have excellent sealing characteristics, even under low bolt loads. DurCore® technology is designed to withstand high temperatures and pressures, resist blowouts, and withstand toxic and/or corrosive chemicals. The design of the DurCore® also makes it an excellent choice for tough-to-seal cyclical pressure and temperature applications.

Typical Properties

Temperature Range -328°F (-200°C) to 600°F (316°C)
Pressure, Max, bar (psi) 320 (4,600)
pH Range, Room Temp 0-14
Gasket factors
   Gb, psi
   Gs, psi