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Welcome to the Gasket Resources inc. Blog

Posted by Alex Chappell on January 29, 2016

Welcome to the Gasket Resources Inc. blog! Be sure to check in regularly for information about our gasket products, services, and hands-on training programs.

Our fluid sealing experts will be sharing helpful tips and insight on topics in each new blog post. Future blog posts will highlight topics such as:iStock_000065665153_Small.jpg

  • Five Fabrication Advantages of Choosing Durlon®
  • The Color-Coding Solution: Durlon® Identa-Seal™ Program 
  • A Material Spotlight Series
  • Elastomeric vs. Hard Gaskets on Hinged and Bolted Manways


Check back next week for our first blog post, “Elastomeric vs. Hard Gaskets on Hinged and Bolted Manways.”

In the meantime, we encourage you to utilize our website resources. This month’s featured website resource is our gasket installation worksheet. Inside, we discuss the advantages of bolt lubrication, in addition to cross-pattern tightening sequences. The worksheet provides key tips to prevent torque loss and leakage.

Download Gasket Installation Worksheet

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