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Material Spotlight Series: Compressed Sheet

Posted by Alex Chappell on April 4, 2016

What is a compressed gasket sheet?

Compressed non-asbestos gasket sheet is a thick, durable compressed substrate that is a homogenous combination of minerals, synthetic fibers, and elastomers. Compressed sheets manufactured by Gasket Resources, Inc. are made from high quality materials that include carbon, phenolic, aramid, mineral, and nitrile (NBR) synthetic rubber. Gasket Resources produces two subcategories of Durlon® compressed gasket sheet: premium compressed sheet and economy compressed sheet.

Premium compressed sheets are made from high-end gasket material with high-end binders. They are iStock_000044625172_Large.jpgdesigned for a wide range of demanding applications that involve steam, mild caustics, acids, and other corrosive chemicals. Durlon® premium compressed sheets are listed below.

Economy compressed sheet is commercial grade gasket material designed for more general purpose, moderate service conditions. It designed to provide superior sealability, temperature resistance, and bolt torque retention for service ranges and applications that are not severe. The economy gaskets are listed below.

  • Durlon® 5000 (mineral/NBR) is suitable for use at a continuous operating temperature of 450°F (232°C), and can be used with steam, oil, water, mild alkalis and acids.
  • Durlon® 7900/7925/7950 (aramid/NBR) are proven to significantly lower emission levels, and are suitable for mild service in steam, hydrocarbons, and refrigerants.
  • Durlon® 7910 (mineral/NBR) a compressed fiber sheet gasket material that was specially developed to meet the requirement of NSF/ANSI 61 for potable water applications.

Advantages of using compressed sheets

Gasket Resources’ compressed sheets are durable and low maintenance. They are designed to be easy on tooling, with cuts that are made easily and cleanly. They possess excellent flexibility and recovery that prevents the material from breaking during cutting and installation, and also guarantees a tight seal during thermal cycling. An anti-stick coating is applied to both sides of all gaskets to provide for easy installation and removal.

Common applications

Gasket Resources’ compressed sheets serve the following industries: petrochemical, power generation, pulp & paper, pharmaceutical, laboratory, automotive, chemical, and refrigeration industries, as well as general purpose applications.

Learn more about our compressed gasket sheets and our other gasket solutions by downloading a free copy of our Product Catalog.



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